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Need a water filter, a medical kit, insect repellents or some packing organizers? Our Travel Clinic has a well-stocked travel supply store to provide you with products to keep you safe and com- fortable.

You may need to prevent insect bites during your trip and the combination of DEET repellents and permethrin clothing treatment can provide >99% protection. Insect-bite prevention is the only way to prevent serious diseases such as dengue fever.

These, and other products, are discounted 10% when you shop at our store and you don’t pay a shipping charge!

Click here to go to the Trav Med Store.

Bon voyage!

Making an Appointment

The Travel Medicine Center of Western Massachusetts offers appointments Monday through Friday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

You can contact the Travel Clinic in several ways:

  • Call 413-219-7949 to speak with Dr. Rose or his office staff. Leave a voice mail after office hours.
  • Use the appointment form at this link.